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The purpose of the American Federation of Martial Arts is to popularize and develop the spirit of Karate in the proper direction by prompting and strengthening friendly relations among its member organizations and their members in all Countries, and to achieve the advantage of World unification of all Empty Hand Styles in the Martial Arts, thereby contributing to the perfection of the human character.

Our purpose lies in the development of Karate, although we live in an age where other styles of Empty Hand have developed or have been introduced in recent years. It is with this in mind that AFMA concerns itself (with promoting and organizing all major arts of Empty Hand, regardless of origin). AFMA hopes for harmonious relations and mutual respect among the various styles and organizations through the World, be they Japanese, Chinese, Korean, African, etc.

AFMA strives to promote the learning of different martial arts and to acquaint its members with the different styles of Empty Hand. AFMA encourages head instructors not to be stagnant and entrenched in their own particular styles, realizing that to be proficient in one's art, one must practice and study for many years. However, Black Belts should not limit themselves, but should be well-rounded in the knowledge of other styles and systems; for example, when they are called on to judge forms locally and/or internationally, or for the experience of being prepared to teach and serve others.

AFMA is a non-profit organization and is empowered to exercise its charter in any Country of the World. Benefits and services are available to all head instructors of any style or system. AFMA acknowledges that all instructors warrant the same respect due them by their martial arts peers. One of the unique benefits of AFMA is to be upgraded as a Sensei, and helped to grow and develop in one's own style. Many times Senseis lose their line of touch with their Masters, Senseis, etc., and find themselves, for whatever reasons, floundering for further knowledge. Head instructors will have the opportunity and resources in AFMA to complete any and all courses of study.

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