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Adolfo Ennever, Soke

Adolfo Ennever started the martial arts at the age of six in Colon, Republic of Panama. Soke, Ennever is the Founder and Director of The American Federation of Martial Arts, The shadow of the Black Dragon System, The Black Dragon System ( Kuro Ryu Ninjitsu Style ),The New York Demonstration Team, former President of the International San Ten Karate Association, The Founder of the former Canal Zone Karate Association. Head Instructor of various Schools around the World.

Soke, Ennever is 10th Dan – Black Dragon System. He is a 9th Degree Black Belt in ISKA ” The International San Ten Karate Association and AFMA ” The American Federation of Martial Arts, 8th Degree Black Belt in Kobujitsu, Ronald Duncan’s Way of the Wind System, 9th Degree Black Belt in Shotokan, 4th level Koga Ryu Ninjitsu, 1st Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan, as well as Black Belt in many other related Martial Art Forms.

Soke’s former Instructors were Master Seiato, Master George Cofield, Master Vincent Cruz, Master Chuk Sik Kim and Master Ronald Duncan; Father of American Ninjitsu. With over 70 years of active involvement with Karate, Adolfo Ennever is a Master of his Arts. His notable career has merited awards for competition and teaching as well as been inducted in the American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1992, 2000, the Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame 1998, the Florida Black Belt Hall of Fame 1999, the World Karate Hall of Fame 1999, the United Union Hall of Fame 1999, the Karate Masters Hall of Fame 2000, the United States Black Belt Society 2000, International Kung-Fu Federation Hall of Fame 2000, the Martial Arts Grand masters International Council, Inc. 2000 and the Action Martial Arts Magazines Hall of Fame & Spirit Awards Banquet 2001, Soke has earned the respect of many of his students of which many have become Black Belts under his guidance. His contribution to community efforts have been honored by his neighbors, the business community, and many organizations in the USA and other Countries. Soke Ennever has been given the KEYS to the Cities of Bayamon, Puerto Rico 1994, Carabobo, Venezuela 1996, Cedra, Puerto Rico 1999, 2000, and Agua Dulce, Panama 1999. Soke is listed in Who is Who in the Martial Arts.

Soke Ennever received his Doctor of Philosophy August 17th, 2000 from the International San Ten Martial Arts Federation , College of the Black Belt Quorum of Yudanshas. Soke is a member of The Fraternal Order of Black Dragons. The Karate Centers embodies Soke’s personal philosophy and reflects his concern for the growth and development of his student’s progress.

The teaching methods developed by Soke Ennever have led to frequent college campus visits to lecture on his philosophy and demonstrate his techniques. Soke Ennever encourages people interested in learning Karate, especially the parents of his students to come and discuss and observe the dynamics of his unique approach. Soke Ennever has demonstrated his techniques to armed forces, colleges, high schools and many charity groups.

He has produced National and International Champions, appeared on ABC Wide World of Sports, and has done exhibitions in Atlantic City.

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